The Art of Letting Go and Pelvic Health

Reverse Kegel – The unsung hero of pelvic wellness. If you have pelvic pain and leakage and you are doing the usual recommend Kegel strengthening exercises, but are finding worsening pain or no results, you might be a candidate for reverse Kegel program. Pelvic pain may be caused by shortened pelvic floor muscles and possible trigger points. Kegel exercises would just further shorten those already tight muscles. So reverse Kegel is ideal for lengthening and releasing the pelvic floor muscles.

Incorporating diaphragmatic breathing and various positions to facilitate lengthening of the pelvic floor muscles you can find your way back to pelvic wellness. Depending on how long you have had this pain, you may need patience with yourself. A lot of us are holding our pelvic floor muscles and have been for years without being aware of it. It will take patience ad practice. Reverse Kegel’s need the art of letting go!

Seek a professional to help you on your way to pelvic wellness. I am taking clients to work externally with those with diagnosed pelvic issues. Working a pelvic wellness program into your massage session. DM if you are interested. Or if you’d like suggestions for local Physical therapists and other practitioner’s I’d be happy to guide you.

Wellness Tip: Salt Compress

So, I thought I would start sharing some natural wellness tips that have helped my family with you to help you and your families. I’ll try to be consistent with these, but you know life happens. So on to my first tip.

‘Tis the season for all kinds of infections and illness. One of which is the bane of moms everywhere. The dreaded ear infection. It is painful and can cause our little ones such discomfort and tears. Which may lead to mom shedding tears because they can’t get their baby comfortable. One way to help give some almost instant relief is a salt compress.

Why It Works

So salt has been in media for a while now for its healing properties, from salt lamps to salt caves. There are some lovely benefits. The salt, particularly Himalayan salt, holds the heat well, it can draw out fluids in the ear, and is purported to have ionic properties. If you add lavender to the mix you get an anti-inflammatory and nervine benefit. So how?

Salt Sock

  • Get a cotton sock
  • Fill with 1/2 cup of salt either sea salt or Himalayan
  • Add lavender flowers or a few drops of lavender essential oil

Heat the sock in a pan for a 3-5 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds. Check the temperature like you would baby’s bath with your hand so you don’t burn yourself. Apply to your troublesome ear and repeat as needed.

There are actually some lovely herbal remedies for earaches and infections but that is for another time.

I hope you find this helpful and if you have a health issue you’d like natural remedies let me know.

Be well & Be Nourished