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Women’s Wellness Restorative Massage

We do not teach new mothers to accept that they are valuable and though countless women before us have birthed, every single one is special and is your own experience. What does postpartum support look like for you? What do you wish it was for you? Once a week for six week we’ll chat over herbal tea while you are able to speak your birth story and your feelings on the journey of motherhood to someone without fear of judgment. Receive weekly massage postpartum designed to warm and heal the body. Massage is provided in the home, nourishing postpartum meal prep, lessons on self-massage. Learn to build your village so that you feel well-supported. This is about mom and helping her replenish, nourish her baby, and be nourished.

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How to Plan for a Peaceful Postpartum Workshop

In this 2-hour class learn the importance of having a postpartum plan in place.  Learn how to best heal and recover in this time holistically.  We will discuss building your own village to support you during your 4th trimester.  Learn how a postpartum doula can help you to achieve a peaceful postpartum experience.  What is the science behind “baby brain”?  Why is nourishment so important postpartum?  What are some traditional postpartum practices that you could use to create your own personalized postpartum plan?  This class can also be taken privately for $150 which can be applied to your postpartum package purchase.


Nurturing the Couple $80 group/$160 private

This 2-hour class will give you the hands on skills to support each other as a couple. Your partner will learn massage techniques to support you through pregnancy and in the labor room. You will learn a shiatsu routine to nurture your partner. You will find that this class will help you to start a healthy routine to help nourish your partnership with nurturing touch.


Small-batch Herbal Products Available From my Etsy Shop Catnip & Chamomile

Postpartum Sitz Bath Blend

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