Postpartum DIY

Find recipes and instructions for things to make and ways to prepare for a peaceful postpartum.

Calm Mama Tea

Tea is one of my favorite postpartum treats.  Nothing like sipping a hot nourishing herbal tea.  I love roses and put it in as many recipes as possible.  This recipe uses the simpler’s method, so however much you want to make just follow the portion.  Make it in the third trimester so that you have the tea ready for brewing when your enjoying your postpartum.

  •  2 parts Stinging Nettle leaves
  • 1 part rose petals
  • 1 part lemon balm
  • 1/2 parts hibiscus
  • 1/4 part rosehips

Blend well and put in a mason jar.  Make sure you label it.  Scoop 3 TBSP per cup.  Brew at least 20 minutes.  I like no sweetener, but you could sweeten with your sweetener of choice.  You could make a large jar and put it in a thermos to have on hand at your bedside.  Enjoy!


Nipple balm

I like the simple recipes found at The Nerdy Farm Wife blog. These are natural and quick and easy to whip up.

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