About Me


I am Deidre Medina, but you can call me Dee.  My passion is helping new moms to thrive in the postpartum period.  Helping you to trust in your natural skills of mothering.  It is so vital that those 40 days and beyond are the best 40 days for you, because it will set the course of the next 40 years.  My philosophy as a postpartum doula is to help you heal physically and emotionally holistically and keeping in mind the science of postpartum.  Massage therapy, postpartum meal preparation, healing movement, and traditional herbal preparations.  The most important part of your care to me though, is to have a listening ear and judgement free support to realize your full potential as a newborn mother.  It’s time we change the paradigm of postpartum in WNY together!

Deidre is a native of Buffalo, NY and has a three children with her husband.  She is a trained birth and postpartum doula and has been a massage therapist since 2005.

Deidre M. Medina Postpartum Specialist Buffalo, NY (716) 464-2495 dee@ebbandflowbirth.com