Adjusting My Sails and 2020 Plans

Hello friends! In the past few weeks I’ve contemplated how I could best serve moms in these difficult times. It is my joy to work with women as they begin their journey into motherhood. I know the overwhelm that comes with mothering. I know that it is not easy nor does it always “come naturally”. There is a need for moms to feel supported despite the pandemic. Isolation is an even greater risk to new moms. My family and I have talked about what the last few weeks has meant for how I support moms and the fact that I am a person with those preexisting conditions. So for the foreseeable future I will no longer offer massage services nor in person support as a way of protecting not my own health but the health of the women I work with and their new babes. Thank you to all the women who have supported me in my massage practice. It’s not the end but an adjustment in my sails to fit this ever changing world. In fact I am looking forward to be serving women on a worldwide scale through my online Nourished Mothers Collective. I look forward to helping you to open your hearts to be cared for and live more slowly in the #firstfortydays as a #newbornmother. I look forward to providing more resources to help you meet the challenges and triumphs as a mom. And to get to know more moms looking for a supportive community albeit online. You never know if you’ll meet you bff mom too! I will also be holding online Apprentice Essentrics classes for those interested to meet my apprentice hours towards my certification (free of charge movement classes for a few weeks woot woot) Email me if interested. I have so many plans and look forward to the new course that has been plotted for me. Be well and be nourished 💋 ❤️

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