Pregnancy Massage Rocks!

Achy back, sore feet, restless leg syndrome, inability to sleep well, nausea.  These are some of the symptoms many women have reported that massage therapy as helped them.  Massage therapy is one of those things that has been a part of a birthing woman’s experience worldwide since times of old.  Why have we stopped doing this in western culture?

I’m too busy.  It’s not a necessity.  I’ll just deal with it.  These are the things that you might have said to yourself.  In our society, it is not a normal thing to take time for self-care.  We work, we play, but do not take time to slow down and just be.  This is doubly so for women, working mom’s and stay-at-home mom’s alike.  There have been numerous studies that stress has an adverse affect on the unborn baby.

Massage has been proven to lessen stress. You have the stress of maintaining your pre-pregnancy workload or activities.  There is the stress of having things just right for baby, taking time off from work, worries about the birth, etc.  The list goes on and on.

Pregnancy and birth is a time that should be enjoyed and treasured.  Take the time to stop and experience a pregnancy massage.  Schedule a massage to assist during labor.  Therapists that are trained and work with pregnancy clients will come to the hospital or your home to assist you with pain relief during labor.  I am a birth doula and use massage to help with back labor, help labor to start up or progress and have seen the massive benefits of nurturing touch in labor.  Once baby has arrived, your body needs tender loving care to recover from the “marathon” of birth.  You have just worked harder than you have ever in your life to bring baby earthside.  Baby can come too!  We can have baby snuggled up with you on the table while you receive treatment.

If you still have hesitation, call your local therapist and ask questions.  Enjoy your pregnancy and your body’s wonder as it grows and nurtures your baby.  Wishing you well and happy birthing! #buffalove #ebbandflowbaby


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